About us
Founded in 2016, the company mainly produces mobile phone radiator, earphone, mobile phone film and other mobile phone peripheral products. In 18 years, the company has repositioned itself and started to mainly develop and produce mobile game related products. The first product is game fingertips. So far, there are 13 fingertips. Up to now, there are 80 sets of finger production machines, more than 60 workshop workers, 17 office employees, with an annual output of 5000W +, and an annual output value of 30-35 million. The company is a worthy pioneer of the game finger enterprises.
We don't make mobile phones,
but we can make them work better
The core team members are
mainly after 85, 90 and 00
We have ten years of professional experience
We are not only work, but also
At the beginning of the company's establishment in 2016, a total of 4 people, a computer room and a machine
30 people, one computer room, one office, one warehouse, 30 machines
77 people, 5 teams, 2 computer rooms, 100 machines, 2 warehouses and 2 office spaces
50 people, two computer rooms, two office space, two warehouses, 60 machines
Four people developed into 15 people, one computer room, one office and ten machines
Development History
Honesty creates quality, innovation leads the future Opportunities wait for no one Opportunities are for those who are prepared
Lanshuo technology focuses on mobile game user experience
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Jiangsu Lanshuo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
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