Dream, technology, future

Respect for products, research and development as the first productivity, advance with the times as the driving force

Be loyal to the product and never forget the original intention

Some people are working on mobile phones, some are working on systems, some are working on apps, and others are working on systems

People are developing the Internet, and some are making clothes for mobile phones
Product development plan
Anti sweat series
Sweat proof fingertips,


Anti sweat stickers,

Enhance the sense of body for mobile games
Condensing series
Research and development of mobile phone cooling equipment based on condensation technology for mobile phone heating
Mobile game headset,

3D stereo mobile phone projection device,

Game mobile phone bracket and other peripherals
APeripheral equipment
Market development plan
Brand Effect
In the development of more products at the same time, enhance brand influence, form a unique 3C brand
Cross border E-commerce
Extending foreign trade and expanding overseas market
Live broadcast of mobile games
Strengthen the cooperation of mobile game hosts, deeply rooted in live broadcast and short video content output, and spread brand power
Agent promotion
Starting from online anchor agent, develop offline agent, and form booth and store
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